Maureen Women Dreaming - Shorts and Shirt Set | 38cm Miniland Doll/ 34cm Minikane

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  • Includes shorts and t-shirt set
  • Fits 38cm Miniland dolls, 34cm Paola Reina and Minikane dolls

 ** accessories not included

 The fabric used in the shorts is called Women Dreaming by Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa

The 'U' shapes in this painting show women sitting on the ground (the tracks they leave) as they gather to share stories and songs. The linked circles are both the journeys of the ancestors, and the tracks of the women as they dance to recreate these stories in ceremonies. The circles also represent physical sites created by these ancestors as they travelled the land, bringing it and the resources to life.

About the dress maker:

My husband and daughter are Aboriginal; so it has always been important to me to teach Mia about her heritage, culture and family history. So I feel very honoured and proud to create this collection of clothing in collaboration with Miniland Dolls Australia and the launch of their new Australian Aboriginal Miniland dolls. 

Children learn through play; so incorporating these new Australian Aboriginal Miniland dolls and this collection of clothing featuring Aboriginal artwork is an exciting step towards improving all children’s knowledge and understanding of the Aboriginal history and culture.



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