Miniland dolls

Miniland Dolls are educational, anatomically correct dolls with a beautiful vanilla scent. This range of dolls include boys, girls and different races and now including dolls with Down Syndrome features. 

Made in Spain, these popular dolls promote and teach children about diversity, gender, equality, race and family groups. Made from Phytalates-free vinyl their limbs and neck can be articulated allowing the to sit unaided which encourages roll play in children. 

Miniland dolls can not be bathed. If playing with water around the dolls, ensure they are dried well as water can become trapped inside the doll. 

So what are the different types of Miniland dolls and what one is best for you?

38cm Miniland dolls- The most popular size doll, that come with the hair. They come boxed with underwear, or undressed in a polybag as a cheaper option. Available in both boys and girl dolls. 

African, Latin American, Asian, Caucasian dolls with blonde, brunette and red hair. Dolls with Down Syndrome. Aboriginal Australian dolls coming 2021. 

32cm Miniland dolls- No rooted hair. Sold undressed in a polybag. Most popular size for childcare facilities. 

21cm Miniland dolls- TIny little baby dolls perfect for little hands and baby's first doll. Sold boxed with underwear or undressed in a polybag as a cheaper option. 

40cm soft body Miniland dolls-  These dolls are not anatomically correct dolls, they have a soft fabric body with vinyl hands, feet and head. Great for older children that want the "real baby" cuddly feel.