What is the difference between Minikane, Miniland and Paola Reina Dolls?

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All these dolls do look similar so what is the difference?

Miniland compared to Paola Reina

Paola Reina Vs Minikane?

These dolls are pretty much identical, they are both manufactured by PAOLA RENIA in Spain. Minikane is a BRAND based in France that has an exclusive range of the Paola Reina Gordis Dolls.

Minikane also sells their own range of dolls clothes and accessories. Minikane dolls have the Minikane stamp on the back of their neck, Paola Reina dolls have the Paola Reina Stamp. 

Paola Reina has also designed and manufactured a range for the Australian market - which are the dolls I stock. 

Minikane and Paola Reina Gordis Dolls are both 34cm long. 

Here is a comparison of Paola Reina Gordis dolls and Minikane Dolls. 

Minikane Gordis dolls


Paola Reina dolls  Paola Reina dolls

 Miniland vs Paola Reina
 (Miniland left, Paola Reina right) 

Now, what about MINILAND?

This is a different manufacturer and brand, located in Spain. They have a wide range of educational products and toys. 

Miniland Vs Paola Reina- Miniland Dolls come in several sizes, but the most comparable is the 38cm doll with hair. They are slightly longer than the 34cm Paola Reina doll. The Paola Reina dolls are bit chunkier and they have eye lashes. 
I personally find Paola Reina dolls abit softer the Minilands have a harder, but more durable body, but are still soft to touch compared to a typical plastic toy. 

Paola Reina dolls comes undressed in a Poly bag for RRP $68. 
Miniland dolls come in underwear and in a box for $58.95 , or undressed in a poly bag for $48.95. 

They are both quite similar style of dolls, so it just comes down to which doll's appearance you prefer. 

I hope that helps explain the difference between them all. We stock both Paola Reina and Miniland :)

Miniland dolls also comes in several sizes.


40cm Soft body doll -

These dolls have a soft fabric torso in different patterns, and have vinyl head and limbs. Available in Asian, Caucasian, African, Latin American.40cm soft body Miniland


40cm Hard body doll Boy and Girls (Asian, Caucasian, African, Latin American)

40cm Miniland hard body doll

38cm Dolls with hair (these come boxed with underwear or unboxed in a polybag with no underwear) This size is the most popular.

38cm Miniland dolls

Caucasian Blonde hair Girl / Boy

Latin American Girl/ Boy

African Girl/ Boy

Asian Girl/Boy

New to their range in 2020 includes 

Caucasian Brunette Girl/ Boy

Caucasian Red hair Girl/ Boy

Caucasian Boy, Brunette boy with Down Syndrome features

African Girl with Down Syndrome features

32cm Miniland Dolls

These dolls are obviously slightly smaller, and do not have hair, so they are a good option if you don't want a doll with hair. This is often the size doll that is seen in daycare centers. These dolls all come in a poly bag, undressed.

Available in 

Asian Girl/Boy

African Girl/Boy

Caucasian Girl/Boy

Latin American Girl/Boy

32cm Miniland doll

21cm Miniland Dolls

These tiny little dolls come either in a poly bag undressed, or boxed with underwear. This size is perfect for baby's first doll. They are also great for travelling and can easily fit in a handbag. I personally loved this size. Mia started loving her doll from about 9 months old. She could easily carry it around and loved to give it kisses and hold it in the car. 
Available in 

Caucasian Girl/Boy

Asian Girl/Boy

African Girl/Boy

Latin American Girl Boy

21cm Miniland dolls


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