10 Play Ideas using Tikiri Toys

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10 Ways to Play with Tikiri Toys

  1. Bath Toys – Fully sealed, no hidden mould
    Tikiri Bath Toy

  2. Teether- Soothe your baby’s sore gums with this super soft, no toxic, natural rubber chewable teether
    Tikiri Rubber Teether
  3. Rattle- Keep your baby entertained, distracted and engaged with the musical bell inside the toy
    Natural Rubber Teether
  4. Small World Play- Create an under the sea ocean experience, a farm display or create your very own zoo with all of the fun creatures!
    Farm Animal Toys
  5. Hide and Seek- One of Mia’s favourite games. Hide all of the animals around the house and your toddler can go and find all of the animals. Print out correlating letters or words for them to place the animal back in it’s home once found

  6. Sorting- Set up Ocean and Land environments and teach your child which animal belongs to which environment.

  7. Pool or beach Play- Splish Splash outside in the pool with your animal friends

  8. Rescue your animal friends- Tape the animals down with some masking tape to a wall or the floor. Encourage fine motor skills by peeling off the tape to set them free. An idea from @playing_with_the_cubs
    Fine Motor Skill activity
  9. Travel buddy- The perfect toy to take on holidays. It fits easily in your handbag. Amazing multipurpose toy. Take it to the beach, the pool, the bath and help soothe baby’s teething gums!!
  10. Learn Animal noises- This was one of Mia’s first “tricks” I taught her. “What does the cow say?” I would repeat multiple times a day. Slowly adding another animal into the mix! It is the cutest thing to hear them repeat the animal noises! Then watch them independently pick up the toy and make the animal noise!

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